You and your pet can enjoy the perks of a grooming salon while staying in the comforts of home! It means less hassle and stress for the both of you!

We offer house-call (mobile) dog grooming for small dogs (under 25lbs) in the Syracuse, NY metro area. 

With 15 years grooming experience, you can rest assured that your pup is in good hands!


Why should you choose house-call grooming for your pet?​​

  • Convenience: No more rearranging your schedule so you can drop off or pick up Fluffy at the groomers before they close. Also, it saves you 4 (yes 4) trips to and from the grooming salon. 

  • Experience: Owner, Laura, is a master in her craft. She has been grooming for almost 15 years and attends regular conferences all over the country to continue her education and love for grooming. She also is a CERTIFIED CANINE ESTHETICIAN, specializing in canine skin and coat. 

  • Less Stress: No cages, and no waiting all day. Most grooming appointments take about one to two hours.

  • No other animals: In-home grooming means no other animals are present, so less of worry about communicable diseases.  That also means fewer barking dogs adding to the stress level. 

  • Compassion: We are your dog's number one fan! We give her our undivided attention, and she may even come to know us as more than just the groomer! Nothing makes us happier than teaching a new puppy that grooming isn't scary, or turning a tangled shelter dog into a shining star!