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"Laura Hearn is a terrific dog person. She has been a dog groomer for years and has even written a book about her business, which is selling well in her trade circles. She is the mom of two rescue dogs, one of which is a certified therapy dog, and she always keeps my two dog babies when we need to travel without them. They love her!"

- Susie, owner of Habibi (Poodle) and Pacha (Shih Tzu)

“Laura is the most amazing groomer ever. I have worked with several dog groomers, and my boys love Laura so much, get so excited when it's bath time, that I realize she is irreplaceable. Her skill with grooming, her awareness and patience with dogs, and her personable nature, make her the ideal choice for anyone needing a dog-related service. That's not just my opinion. When I say she "wrote the book" on in-home dog grooming, I mean SHE LITERALLY DID. Do your pooches a favor if you are in need of her services: Choose Laura! Their wagging tails and smiling faces will confirm that you made the right choice!”

- Chris, dog dad to Merlin and Anubis

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