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What is house-call grooming?

House Call grooming (or "in-home" grooming) is just what it says- we come to your house! We don't have a grooming van or trailer like many places, instead we come inside your home, and do it there! We bring all the supplies we need to groom your dog (this includes table, clippers, dryer, vacuum, etc.). And best of all, we clean up the mess!


Why is does this cost so much more than a salon?

Our house-call grooming is a little bit more to what you would find in a shop environment. We are a luxury service who brings the salon to YOU. It's all about convenience and extra TLC. In the "non-dog world" it's similar to ordering groceries in your PJs on the computer from Instacart vs getting in your car and driving to the grocery store, (possibly when it's raining or snowing!) spending time grocery shopping, and then driving home. It's the convenience of not having to leave home to get your pup groomed! It's a win-win for everyone.


What are the benefits of house-call grooming?

​If your dog is elderly, gets anxious easily, is a young puppy (who hasn't had their shots yet), or you're a nervous pet parent wondering about what happens when Fluffy gets groomed, then in-home grooming might be for you (and your dog)! We bring the grooming salon to YOU!


What do I need to provide for you?

Our motto is- we bring everything but the kitchen sink! We will need a place to bathe your pet (kitchen or laundry room sink) and a 7X7 area to set up that's preferably NOT on carpet. Great places to set up are master bathroom, laundry room (if it's big enough), kitchen, etc.
Basements/cellars are ok too, as long as the steps aren't too steep and you have a GCFI outlet that we can plug into. (two prong or non GCFI outlets are a safety hazard)


How much does it cost to get my dog groomed?

Our house-call grooming is a little bit more to what you would find in a shop environment. Because we are a luxury service who brings the salon to YOU, there is an additional fuel charge for gas. We will give you a quote before seeing your pet, and that is an estimate. The difference in price will be determined by the coat condition, type of haircut, and temperament. After seeing your pet, we will be able to give you an exact price. Our average price for a small dog's haircut (ex. mini schnauzer, shih tzu, yorkie, etc) STARTS AT $75 plus tax.


Do you groom cats?

Unfortunately, at this time, we DO NOT groom cats. We have a wonderful groomer that we recommend for kitties. Please let us know and we'll send her your way!


What if I live in an apartments/high rises?

Depends. If you live on the first floor or your building has an elevator, it's no problem! If you are willing (and able) to help bring our (sometimes heavy) equipment up multiple flights of stairs, we may consider it for an additional fee for the added time getting to your home.


Can I watch my dog being groomed?


Normally when your pet sees you during or after a grooming, it means they get to go home, and this makes them excited and hyper. This is not a good idea when around sharp scissors/clippers. Sometimes dogs act up the first time of being groomed at home, and they test the boundaries for what they can get away with. We may need to talk to them in a firm voice to get them to calm down.


What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice PER PET on cancellations. If you or your pet is sick, we do not want to be in that environment, and we understand emergencies happen. But without a valid reason or if it is your first time with us, your deposit may not be refundable.
As much as we love playing with puppies all day, please understand this is a business, and we lose income with each cancelled appointment!


What forms of payment do you take, and do you accept tips?

We take all forms of payment (including cash, check, and credit card) If you are paying with cash, we do not carry change due to safety reasons. And of course you may tip! Tips are always appreciated for a job well done!
There is a $40 insufficient funds fee for returned checks.


What happens if my dog bites?

Aggressive dogs are generally best to be done under supervision of a veterinarian, but if it does not pose a safety concern for the dog or for the groomer, we may try to groom your dog. We may need to use muzzles, e-collars, and leashes for everyone’s safety. If you know your dog bites, or if they have a history of biting, you MUST be upfront with us. Failure to do so may hold you liable for any bites/injury to the groomer. If we deem your dog to be too stressed or too aggressive to be groomed we will STOP grooming the pet and return them to you at whatever point during the groom. You are also responsible for still paying the travel fee.


What if I just want my dog’s nails done?

As listed on our main grooming page, "nails only" are under extra services. If you have a dog that is already getting one of our full packages (Bath/Brush or Full Service Groom), then each additional pet getting their nails trimmed is $15.

If you ONLY want us to come out and trim your pets nails, we can do that too- it’s $35 for the first pet, and $10 for each additional pet.

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