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About Us

My name is Laura, and I've been a pet stylist for 15 years and have been a house-call groomer for over a decade. My love of animals started when I was four years old and told my parents I wished to be a dog when I grew up! 
I started my house-call business in Texas in 2011 when I realized that so many dogs (and thus their owners) were nervous leaving their homes and going to the grooming salon. What's better than bringing the salon to them? The pups acted so much happier when they weren't so stressed out. 

I love going to grooming conferences around the world to brush up on my grooming skills. Not only do I attend classes on subjects such as shampoo chemistry, canine behavior, and grooming specific breeds. I love teaching new groomers how amazing it is to work with the dogs that we do. I am proud to be Pet CPR/First Aid Certified and I am a certified canine esthetician. (skin and coat care) 

My proudest accomplishment to date would be publishing my first book, "A Practical Guide to House-call Grooming." It is used as a reference book for many groomers around the world!

I live in Syracuse with my husband, and we have two dogs- a Standard Poodle named Louie and an elderly Shih Tzu named Lucky. 

Laura Sherlock Bones Grooming
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