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Thank you for your patience 






Before your appointment we may ask:

  • Are you or anyone in your household ill or been ill with COVID/Flu like symptoms in the past 2 weeks

  • Have you been around anyone who has been sick/showing symptoms? 

  • Do you work in the medical industry directly with patients that have tested positive for COVID

  • UPDATE AS OF 6/15/2020: Have you traveled outside of NY State or had any out of state visitors in the past 2 weeks?


If you cancel due to this, (other than pre-planned travel) we will not charge any cancellation fees. Please be honest, failure of honesty of exposure could result in us losing our essential status as well as alerting the local health department that we have been potentially exposed

  • Step by step setup/cleanup procedures for house-call grooming: (please allow an extra 15-30 minutes for extra cleaning) 


  • Text when I’m on the way as usual, and possibly text when I am in the driveway so I do not have to ring the doorbell. (if possible)

  • PPE- I will be wearing a mask and ask you to do the same when handing off pet or at the end when we are taking payment/rescheduling. If I normally need help holding a pet, (such as for nails or wiggling)  I will ask you to wash your hands per CDC guidelines for 20 seconds before helping.

  • On first entry I will disinfect areas I plan on touching/coming into contact with (such as door handles, light switches, counter tops, walls, doorways, etc)

  • When bringing in/out equipment, please secure your pet in a separate room or on a leash so I can leave the door open from your home (to reduce number of times I touch the door)

  • Please remove all “hardware” from your pup (including collars, harnesses, flea collars, leashes, sweaters, etc) before handing them off.

  • Both sides of the sink plus 1 foot of counter space must be cleared before we bathe your pet (no dishes, food waste, sponges, dish soap, etc). If we use your bathtub, the front lip must be clear and the showerhead (if we use it) must be already detached. 


  • Whenever possible, pets will be bathed first. We may ask you to put the pet in the sink/tub and then switch as we adhere to social distancing but also keeping the pet safe and secure. Please wear your mask when we come into contact with one another.

  • If paying in cash or check, please put money in a ziplock baggie OR I will provide one for you. If paying by card, I will use disinfecting wipes on your card, phone, and card reader.

  • Disinfection chemicals will include lysol/clorox wipes and 75% alcohol solution as well as hand sanitizer. If you are sensitive to any sort of scents or chemicals please let me know.

  • Before and after grooming, I will wipe down all grooming surfaces and equipment (including table, loop, combs, brushes, blades, shears, etc) as well as any surface tools were placed on (such as countertops) 

These are unknown times but as always, Sherlock Bones’ mission statement is to provide trust, love, and compassion to pets and their people. Please do not think we are doing this because we think you or your home are unsanitary. It is to keep everyone safe. 

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